[Vocabulary] 훨씬

훨씬 (hwol-ssin) – far (better)/much (better)

훨씬 is only used in comparisons. Therefore, be sure to add in either ~보다 (more/less than) and/or 더 (more) in the sentence when using 훨씬.

훨씬 is not to be confused with other words like 많이 (a lot) 아주/너무/매우 (very much) as those work fine by their own.

But they are similar in the sense that 훨씬, 많이, 아주, 너무, 매우 are all used to describe things at extreme or large extents.


제 생각에는 감자 튀김은 롯데리아는 맥도널드의보다 훨씬 맛있어요.
In my opinion, Lotteria’s fries are far more delicious than MacDonald’s.

제주도의 한라산 풍경은 싱가폴 부킷티마보다 훨씬 아름답고 공기도 좋고요.
The scenery at Jeju Island’s Hallasan is much more beautiful than Singapore’s Bukit Timah and the air is really good.

회사에서 동료들과 대인 관계가 좋다면 성공할 가능성이 훨씬 더 높은 것 같아요.
It seems that if one were to have good interpersonal relationships with one’s colleagues at the workplace, the possibility of success is far higher.

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