[Grammar] ~ㄴ/는다고 해도

~ㄴ/는다고 해도 (~eun/neun-da-go hae-do) – even when/even if

Yesterday, we looked at ~아/어/여 봐야 and established that it is quite simlar to ~는/은/ㄴ데도.

Today’s grammar particle is very similar to that too.

There is of course, slight nuance differences but it doesn’t matter which you use, as long as you’re using them in the right context.

All three discussed here can be used in both positive and negative situations.


우리 누나는 일찍 잔다고 해도 아침에 일어날 수 없네.
Even if my elder sister were to sleep early, she can’t wake up in the morning.

난 집을 나갈 때마다 하늘이 너무 맑은다고 해도 결국 비가 올 것.
Whenever I go out of the house and even when the sky is so bright, it would eventually rain.

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