[Grammar] ~ㄹ/을 겸

~ㄹ/을 겸 (~eul/eul gyeom) – to do this… (and that…)

You must always attach a verb to this grammar particle.

Also, you can use this more than twice in a sentence. Look at this grammar particle to be and addition to ~도.


공부할 겸 점심도 먹을 겸 낮잠도 잘 겸 집으로 먼저 갈게.
To study, have my lunch and also take a nap,  I’ll head home first.

건강하게 살 겸 몸매도 좋아질 겸 다이어트를 해 볼까?
To live heathily and tone my body, shall I try dieting?

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