[Grammar] ~는 대로


~는 대로 (~neun dae-ro) – as soon as

This is essentially the same as ~자마자 but it is less commonly used than ~자마자.

It is more natural to use ~자마자 instead of ~는 대로 in conversations and writing but both are acceptable.

Both are used to show the close relationship between two verbs – both are done or experienced simulataneously.


아침을 먹고 신문도 읽는 대로 우리 친구가 딱 왔어.
My friend just came as soon as I was having my breakfast and reading the newspaper.

어제 공부하기 시작했는 대로 우리 친구의 전화를 오고 2시간을 수다해서 숙제를 마치지 못해.
Yesterday just as soon as I started studying, a call from my friend came and we talked for 2 hours so I couldn’t finish my homework.