[Grammar] 오히려

오히려 (o-hi-ryeo) – rather than…/rather than that

This phrase is actually quite similar to ~는 대신에 in the sense that there’s some sort of “instead” meaning to it.

The main difference is that 오히려 is used to describe a situation where instead of something (that you would expect) happening, something else (that you didn’t expect) happened.

Either that or you can use 오히려 to describe how something (that you know) turns out to be something else (that you didn’t expect it to be).

Examples: 나 언니에게 설명했는데 오히려 화를 냈어.
I explained to Unnie but she lost her temper instead (rather than listening).

나 그 여자가 내 친구의 누나라고 생각했는데 오히려 내 친구의 어머니야.
I thought that female was my friend’s Noona but she was actually his Mom instead (rather than being his elder sister).

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