[Grammar] ~(으)려던 참이다

~(으)려던 참이다 (eu-ryeo-deon cham-i-da) – just about to (do something)

When someone asks, suggests or requests for something, you can use ~(으)려던 참이다 to answer, indicating that you were just about to (do something) too.

In English, it’s like saying “oh wow, that was what I was thinking of doing too” or “that sounds like a great idea, I was about to do it anyway”.

Example: 오늘 날씨가 좀 추우니까 따뜻한 커피나 차를 미실래?
The weather today is a little cold so do you want to get some warm coffee or tea?
그래, 나도 아메리카노를 마시려던 참이어서 근처에 카페로 한잔 하자.
Alright, I was just about to drink so Americano too anyway so let’s go to a cafe nearby for a cup.

다음 주에 시험이 있으니까 나중에 도서관으로 가서 공부할까?
There is a test next week so shall we go to the library later and study?
좋아. 나 시험을 잘 보도록 공부려던 참이었어. 같이 가자.
Sounds good. I was just about to study so that I can do well for the test. Let’s go.

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