[Grammar] ~을/ㄹ 뿐이다

~을/ㄹ 뿐이다 (~eul/ri-eul bbun-i-da) – just/only this (verb)

This is quite similar to 만 (for nouns).

You can attach ~을/ㄹ 뿐이다 to verbs to emphasise on the action.

For past tense, the 았/었/였/했 rule applies.


지금은 진짜 피곤해서 빨리 집으로 가고 샤워한 후에 푹 자고 싶을 뿐이야.
I’m really so tired now that I want to quickly go home and just sleep soundly after taking a shower.

오늘은 휴가이니까 집에 있고 텔레비전을 볼 뿐이야.
Today is a break day so I’m only watching television at home.

감사한다는 말이 무슨. 나 그냥 할 일을 했을 뿐이야.
Why are you saying your thanks. I’m just doing what I had to do.

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