[Grammar] ~(이)라든가… 같은

(이)라든가… 같은 (e-ra-deun-ga… ga-teun) – (things) like this or that

It is quite hard to give an exact definition for this phrase because it’s more of listing some examples.

In other words, it’s quite similar to how we say, “stuff like these or something” or “something like this or that”.

(이)라든가… 같은 is actually quite straightforward in terms of meaning, examples would better illustrate this phrase.

Examples: 날씨가 너무 더워서 물이라든가 주스 같은 음료를 마셔야지.
The weather is really hot so you should drink some beverage like water or juice.

나 요즘에 실이 쪄서 야채라든가 과일 같은 건강 음식을 먹어야 하잖아.
I’ve put on weight recently so I should eat some healthy food like vegetables or fruits, shouldn’t I.

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