[Grammar] ~아/어/여 봐야

~아/어/여 봐야 (~a/eo/yeo bwa-ya) – regardless whether/even if

This grammar particle has a very similar meaning to ~는/은/ㄴ데도 and ㄴ/는다고 해도.

But it’s always useful to know more than few ways of expressing the same meaning, especially when you’re writing a long essay or speaking.

Variations of the same word or grammar particle are always useful. This is what I’ve learned from studying for TOPIK II.


다른 옷가게에 가 봐야 값은 여기와 비슷할 것이다.
Regardless whether/Even if I go to the other clothes shops, the prices are simlar to this place’s. (This sentence is taken from 36th TOPIK II 읽기.)

그 학생은 열심히 공부해 봐야 시험 때 너무 긴장해서 잘 못 보겠지.
Regardless whether/Even if that student studies hard, she is so nervous during exams so she can’t do well.

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